Apartment life comes with many benefits, such as having to worry less about common maintenance tasks like lawn care. However, multi-family residential complexes are often a haven for pests that tend to move in with new families no matter how well the management company tries to keep the problem under control. While a move to a new residence is an effective way to get away from roaches and rodents, the last thing you want to do is bring critters along with you. You can use these steps to help keep your upcoming move as pest-free as possible.

Identify the Problem

Your first step is to conduct an inspection of your living space to make sure you know what types of pests you have in your apartment. Typically, roaches, bed bugs, and rodents are common household pests that you might encounter, and they all require different approaches for their control. Work with your current apartment complex to develop a treatment plan to eliminate the majority of the pests. Ideally, this should be done around a month before your move to allow time for the treatment to work before the movers arrive.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Before you pack your belongings, you need to remove any traces of food residue that can continue to attract insects and rodents to your house. Wash all of your linens on the warmest setting you can use on the fabric, and scrub down your kitchen appliances and dishes. If you have patio furniture, make sure to clean these items as well so that you can prevent transferring outdoor pests to your new home.

Use Caution as You Pack

Avoid using old boxes for your move that could still harbor insects and their eggs. Instead, buy new boxes or consider using plastic bins for items that you know attract pests, such as clothing and food. If you have professionals helping you pack, warn them about any current infestations. Local movers know about the types of insects that live in your area, and they can help keep an eye out for pests as they pack so that they are less likely to end up in the boxes.

With a little planning, you can prevent bringing pests along to your new place. Once your items are transferred, continue to use caution as you unpack by disposing of all of the packing materials; then you can settle in to your new, pest-free home with confidence that your problems with insects and rodents are in the past.