Your piano is large, fragile, and expensive, which makes it very difficult to move. Rather than try to wing it when getting your piano to your new home, it helps to follow some basic tips to get this job done correctly and safely.

Take Plenty Of Measurements

The key to moving a piano is going to take plenty of measurements. You need to figure out how the piano is going to get from point A to point B, and it will likely be a tight fit along the way. Start by measuring the piano by its width and length, and then measure all of the doorways that the piano has to go through. Are there doorways where the path is too tight and the door needs to be removed? Does a handrail need to be taken off to make a staircase wide? These are all questions you want the answer to before you start moving the piano.

Have The RIght Equipment

You'll want to gather furniture pads, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap on hand, which will ensure that the surface is protected. For equipment, you'll want to get a piano dolly so that you can roll the piano using the wheels of the dolly rather than the wheels on the piano, and moving straps to help secure it to the dolly. A movable ramp will help get the piano up and down steps, as well as into the moving truck. It also helps to have closed-toed boots on so that you are protected if the piano were to fall on your foot. 

Protect The Piano

Take the time to wrap places on the piano that could be bumped during the move, such as the pedals that are sticking out from the piano. Furniture pads should be placed over the piano as well so that it covers the edges of the piano that could get bumped. You can hold the furniture pad in place by wrapping them with plastic wrap. 

Have Three People On Hand

The process of getting the piano on the piano dolly will take at least three people. Two people should lift up the piano, while a third person carefully places the piano dolly underneath the center. Straps can then be used to secure the piano to the dolly. 

Secure The Piano To The Truck

Your moving trucks should have rails along the side of the truck. These rails are great for securing the piano to it during the move. The last thing you want to have happen is for the piano to be rolling around the back of the truck and become damaged in transit. 

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